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interstices : at Alice Austen Museum

by June 3, 2014
A. M. HOCH, interstices, DETAIL of parlor: site-specific installation with interior mural, paintings on mirrors, video projections on base boards, bureau with camera obscura, and video loops hidden inside various furniture and household objects, 12 x 15 feet: 2002


Metamorfosi di Una Barca

by June 4, 2014
A. M. HOCH; Metamorfosi di una barca: first level of installation (circular basement floor) in castle tower: central room with painted mirrors suspended with wires and pulleys, with three alcoves with painted mirrors; approximately 13.78 ft (height) x 21.5 ft (diameter); 2011

ABOUT THIS PROJECT In 2009, having completed the text for Diary of a Young Boat, I began exploring the visual components of this piece, using discarded household objects such as mirrors, ladders, umbrellas, ropes and string in floating, multimedia pieces that incorporated the surrounding space. Ultimately, these suspended sculpture/paintings Read more »

Mitosis: Formation of Daughter Cells

A. M. HOCH, Mitosis: Formation of Daughter Cells, interdisciplinary installation at the Beall Center for Art and Technology, Irvine, California, 43 x 60 feet, 2004


Mitosis (studio installations)

A. M. HOCH, Mitosis (Second Stage); installation with oil on canvas with grommets, mirror, rolodex with embedded text and photos; 96 x 138 inches, 1990

New York City,1990 ABOUT THIS SERIES

Out of Order (paintings)

A. M. HOCH, Aftermath, oil on canvas, 56 x 90 inches, 1992

Many of these paintings, oil on canvas, were exhibited at LaMAMA La Galleria, New York City, 1993.

Out of Order (monoprints)