Metamorfosi di una barca: About This Project

by on July 14, 2014

In 2009, having completed the text for Diary of a Young Boat, I began exploring the visual components of this piece, using discarded household objects such as mirrors, ladders, umbrellas, ropes and string in floating, multimedia pieces that incorporated the surrounding space. Ultimately, these suspended sculpture/paintings led to the Metamorfosi di una barca (2011), a site-specific installation of sculpture/paintings in the Museo di Castello, an ancient castle tower museum in Bagnara di Romagna, Italy. The tower’s four circular floors and winding staircase provided an unexpectedly apt embodiment of the pubescent girl’s metamorphosis. In Metamorfosi di una barca, using painted mirrors, ropes, pulleys, wires, pebbles and everyday objects, the viewer is led through the 14th-century castle tower in a spatial narrative (without sound). The imposing tower brought an unimagined dimension to the pieces I had been working on in my studio: a kinetic, physical involvement develops with the visual narrative of the metamorphosis of the Young Boat as the viewer arduously climbs from the bottom darkest level up to the airy top floor of the tower.

An Interview with A.M. Hoch, by Sarah Kornfeld for Pulse on LinkedIn: “On her installation “Portrait of a Young Boat” (“Metamorfosi di una barca”).”


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