Theater in the Cloud


THEATER IN THE CLOUD is a forum for exploring new genres in audio plays, internet theater and online literary forms. There is a startling, subversive element in art forms that infiltrate our private spheres—such as radio plays and new internet art forms—or embed themselves unexpectedly in public spaces—such as urban interventions and site-specific theater—impacting our lives in visceral, subliminal ways. Suddenly, in familiar places, portals open, changing the way we see the world around us and ourselves.

The internet allows for groundbreaking explorations of and developments in audio plays. The ambient nature of radio plays makes it a uniquely intimate narrative form—allowing the listener to wander around their personal space, immersed in their own spaces and routines, while enveloped in a guided fiction, mentally projecting the unfolding drama into their kitchen sink or the cracks in their ceiling. And the internet allows radio drama to evolve in countless new directions.

As a preview of the work to be presented here, click the link below to read a short excerpt from the Diary of a Young Boat; in the coming months, more excerpts and developments will be posted.



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