Metamorfosi di una barca: About This Project

by July 14, 2014

In 2009, having completed the text for Diary of a Young Boat, I began exploring the visual components of this piece, using discarded household objects such as mirrors, ladders, umbrellas, ropes and string in floating, multimedia pieces that incorporated the surrounding space. Ultimately, these suspended sculpture/paintings led to the Metamorfosi di una Read more »

Beds and Chromosomes: About this Project


When I returned to New York City in 1997, after a year in Berlin, I continued to explore the themes in my interdisciplinary installation at Tacheles Kunsthaus, Berlin, called “I keep forgetting …” : that is, domestic interiors gone haywire, in which secrets are projected into the surrounding objects and space, Read more »

Breathing Vessels, and ongoing projects

by January 8, 2015

PROJECT IMAGES     AM Hoch descrive così il suo lavoro: “La questione che le mie opere pongono è da sempre: qual è l’essenza di un essere umano, del ‘sé’ ? Dato che con ogni respiro dissolviamo e riformiamo ciò che esiste nel più profondo del nostro essere? Qual Read more »

Breathers – About This Project

by July 14, 2014

In The Breathers, 1984–1986, a series of drawings and paintings on paper and canvas, I was looking for a representation of a human being at its purest and most primal level, a sense of the self stripped of culture and relations, stripped to the level of breathing. This was my first Read more »

Mitosis (studio installations)

by July 12, 2014

Mitosis (Three Stages), 1989 ­– 1990, grew directly out of the Portrait of the Artist as a Young Boat (1988-89) installations using shaped canvases stapled directly to the walls of my studio, incorporating other objects and original text. In the Mitosis series, I used  the process of cellular division as a metaphor to describe in an ironic, Read more »

Mitosis: Formation of Daughter Cells Video

by June 14, 2014