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The Horror Autotoxicus

by February 7, 2019
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The Horror Autotoxicus was the name given to autoimmune disease by the German scientist Paul Ehrlich, who discovered it back in the 19th century. The name conjures up a primordial terror, a monstrous thumping force; it feels apt to me. In diseases like multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis, the body attacks its Read more »

Current Events

by October 24, 2017
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Though I’ve drawn and painted many versions of entwined pairs, I haven’t come close to exhausting my fascination with the visual representation of twisted couples; the grandest or most horrific schemes come down to two people in a room at some point, acting out primal dramas. Last year I was commissioned to Read more »

Bologna Studio Inventory

by January 14, 2016
AM HOCH, Young Boat (Future Reflection Sister Past), site-specific installation at SetUp Art Fair 2015 in Bologna; painted mirrors, copper wire, branch; approximately 130 x 240 cm, (51 x 94.5 inches), 2014/2015.

  These works are currently in inventory in Bologna and are available for placement or purchase.


by November 8, 2015
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  Couples—in romantic relationships or familial ones—can be as mesmerizing as swirling eddies or a car accident. The way two humans become entwined into one beautiful mess has been explored in psychology, literature, and film, but much less so in painting.                   Read more »

GoFundMe Campaign Begins

by September 23, 2015
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GoFundMe Campaign I vacillate between terror and embarrassment about being so sick for so long; I know those feelings are not helpful, but they are real. Much of the time, I’m too exhausted to hold onto any feeling or thought for too long—a change in my brain functioning which in itself could be fascinating. Read more »

Part 2: MS, Childhood Sexual Abuse, and Artists’ Premonitions

by May 11, 2015
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  The truth is I was deeply terrified when I finally got back into my studio in 2013; after a month in the hospital and several weeks in a physical rehabilitation center, and a definitive diagnosis of MS, it would be months and months and months of slow recovery before I Read more »