Bologna Studio Inventory

by January 14, 2016
AM HOCH, Young Boat (Future Reflection Sister Past), site-specific installation at SetUp Art Fair 2015 in Bologna; painted mirrors, copper wire, branch; approximately 130 x 240 cm, (51 x 94.5 inches), 2014/2015.

  These works are currently in inventory in Bologna and are available for placement or purchase.

interstices: About this series

by June 4, 2014

interstices, 2002 “interstices” was a site-specific installation for the Alice Austen Museum, sponsored by The Newhouse Center for Art in New York, as part of a large international exhibition in New York City. In 2001, More than two dozen artists from around the world were invited to create art that Read more »

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by June 3, 2014

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